jenan mohammed fyroz ali ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Biology
[email protected]
1 - Supervision of graduate research for students of the fourth stage 2 - Working in the committees of student activities and the Committee of Educational Guidance and Audit Committees 3- Participating in a number of scientific courses and seminars held in the faculties of Al-Koufah University: a. Biochemical signs in nursing college b- Seminar on Genetic Engineering in the College of Education for Girls c) Training in video lectures at the center of electronic computing D- The course of pathological analyzes in the Faculty of Science Methods of separation by the chromotropic in the Faculty of Pharmacy f- Designing primers to investigate genes g - Methods of extraction of DNA in the College of Education for Girls 4 - Participation in a number of scientific conferences (in the University of Babylon, the University of Basra, the University of Jihan in Erbil, the University of Dhi Qar, Wasit University, Karbala University)
Participate in several activities inside and outside the university