Dhrgam Ali AL-Ameedi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Agriculture -
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Green marketing of food products
The Department of Food Science held a seminar entitled "Green Marketing of Food Products" on Tuesday 12.12.2017. The teacher, Dhrgham Ali Muslim Al Ameedi, gave a lecture on the concept, dimensions and strategies of green marketing of food products, which focuses on environmentally friendly products that are consistent with Health requirements of consumers. He also pointed to the need to rationalize the use of resources and reduce the costs of production and attention to types and forms of packaging and food products that can be used or recycled in order to maintain a healthy environment free of pollution.. The seminar concluded with a review of the experiences of a number of international companies specialized in food processing, which adopted green marketing strategies in their marketing policies and achieved tremendous successes in the field of business. The seminar was attended by a number of professors and students of the Department of Food Science. This seminar comes within the scientific activities carried out by the Department of Food Science in order to develop the scientific potential of the students and to benefit them in their field of specialization..