fatimah Abbas Almamory ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Archeaology - ( Head of the Department )
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Discussion of the PH dissertation Title (Tel Abu Antek in the light of published and unpublished cuneiform texts) on Thursday 10/10/2019, which was presented by researcher Hind Shihab Ahmed Mubarak to the researcher student effort and Mubarak to the Department of Archeology / College of Arts / University of Baghdad, the House of Archaeologists Big Time Their scientific bid.
Discussion of the PH dissertation (unpublished cuneiform texts from the dawn of the dynasties era) by Israa Saad Salih Mahdi, on 16/6/2019 Department of Archaeology / College of Arts / University of Baghdad Of his fountains of knowledge and knowledge and the great house of archaeologists ... for their trust and this sharing enabled me.
After my research has been published, thank God. . The tagged (Aspects of the Sumerian economic system in Mesopotamia in the light of cuneiform texts an analytical study) in the magazine of the Archaeological Heritage Forum The scientific journal of the University of Tlemcen to the Republic of Algeria I was added to the membership of the national scientific staff of the magazine and the number of members of Iraqi academics has become five four from the University of Baghdad And one from the University of Kufa ... Thank you for chairing the magazine’s editorial board for the confidence you have given us ...
Workshop at Wednesday26/4/2017
Win Graduate Search
Participation in a seminar at the University of Samarra - Faculty of Archeology - Department of Civilization at a Day18/4/2017
Organizing a training course from 19 / until 12/4/2017
Ceremony honoring students on 17-4-2017
Participation in the scientific symposium on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, held by the Center for remote sensing at the University of Kufa,

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