Zuhair A. Nasar ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Physical Planning -
[email protected]
Profession& Qualifications • Architectural Engineer & Designer. • Site Architect. • Lab-Assistant. • University Lecturer. • Head and member of many architects & engineers groups in different institutions. • Using computers programs (Microsoft office, Auto CAD, 3D MAX, Rhino & Grasshopper & Geco, Ecotect and Photo Shop). Studies • Architectural Engineering. Creative • Worked with private clients assisting them with satellite Internet installation and maintenance. Language • English & Arabic & Basic French. E d u c a t i o n: PhD researcher | Digital Architectural Design • - School of Architecture, University of Liverpool Nov 2015 to present MSc. Digital Architectural Design (DAD) Sep2011 to Sep2012 • Built Environment – University of Salford – Manchester – UK B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering Sep2001 to May2006 • Architecture Department-University of Technology -Baghdad –Iraq E x p e r i e n c e: University of Kufa (FT):- Feb. 2007 to Oct2015 1. Lecturer at the Faculty of Physical Planning 2. Designed the College of Jurisprudence Building Project (2500 students). 3. Designed the Dentistry College Building Project (1000 students). 3. Lab assistant –Engineering College –Civil Department. 4. Assessed & supervised many buildings project before and during the construction. 5. Headed many architects & engineers groups. An-Najaf Reconstruction Committee (FT):- Sept. 2006 to Feb. 2007 1. Designed many facilities in Al-Najaf International Airport. 2. Designed the Al-Najaf housing city. 3. Achieving Designs for Educational, Commercial, Social, Industrial, leisure, Cultural and Governmental building. 4. Supervised architects & engineers groups. University of Technology Bureau (PT): - June 2006 to Sep. 2006 1. Participating in design & model for tourism hotel & institution building -1st Award in Competition-. 2. Designing details for educational and governmental building. Al-Mayar Bureau (PT): - April 2005 to Feb.2006 & May to June 2006 1. Achieving Designs & Model for Babylon Governorate Building -1st Award in Competition-. 2. Building Models for some Bridges in Babylon Governorate. 4. Participating in public and governmental building design. 3. Achieving Designs for some Houses. Bureau & Company: Iram Bureau (PT): - June 2003 to April 2005 1. Completing detailed designs for Buratha mosque. 2. Achieving designs for some mosques in Baghdad & some governorate. 3. Designing for some houses. 4. Participating in design “public and governmental” building.