Zuhair Sadiq Alsehlawi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Dentistry - General Dentistry ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
PhD Medical Microbiolog,Babylon University. Lecturer at College of Dentistry, Kufa university (2003-2006). Assistant prof. at college of Dentistry, Kufa university (2012). Vice Dean for administration affairs(2013-2016). Head of Basic Science Department from 2016 till now Author of several scientific peer-review journals in and outside Iraq. Work in field of pathogenic bacteria and antibiotic resistance at molecular level. Lecturer and trainer in several PCR workshops in and outside university. Trainee on TEM Tecnai Basic course FEI com. Netherland, 2016. And trainer on PFGE technique (Biometra co. Germany),United Arab Emirates ,Dubai 2012.