zaman sahib Alhassani ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Law - Law
[email protected]
Biography of the Master (Zaman Sahib Majdi ( First: - Personal information Name: Zaman Sahib Majdi Date of birth: 1988 Gender: Male Place of residence: Najaf / Al-Gama'a neighborhood Email: [email protected] University Name: Kufa College Name: Law Section: General Law General Specialization: General Law Specialization: General International Law Education: Master of Public International Law Second: - Academic Degrees: 1- Holds a bachelor's degree in law from the Faculty of Law / University of Kufa in the academic year (2009-2010). 2- Holds a master's degree in international law from the Faculty of Law / University of Kufa in the year (2017-2018). Third: Administrative functions: 1- Director of registration for morning and evening study. 2- Legal Affairs Officer. 3-Administrative Officer in the Department of Law and Administration. Fourth: - Personal qualifications: 1- Good knowledge of English and TOEFL certificate. 2- good knowledge of using the Internet and computer and has the certificate (ICDL in applications (MS-Windows PowerPoint - Word - Excel – Internet( Fifth: Scientific Research: 1- The State in the Constitutional Law between Theory and Practice (unpublished research.( 2- The impact of unilateral acts on international humanitarian law conventions )Reservation and certification model) (joint research under publication.(