zainalabden abdulsamad saltan ( Lecturer )
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First Name: Zain alabideen Surname: saltan Residential Address: Iraq/Baghdad/Our section Postal Address: Street 17 / no 35 E-Mail Address: [email protected] Phone Numbers: 009647711131246 Date of Birth: 05. 12. 1974 Languages: Arabic, English EDUCATION Year of completion: 2001 Educational level: Bch science of computer School/College: Baghdad university/Iraq Year of completion: 2012 Educational level: MSc in Innovative of computing/ computer of science School/College: the university Buckingham/United kingdom Teaching Interest 1-Image Processing 2-Data Security 3-Mobile Communication 4-Programing and Data Structure 5-Operating System 6-Data mining and Data base 7-Artificial Inelegance 8- Compiler Research interested 1-applying different apps of communications 2- Applying new steganography algorithms using digital files. 3-new cryptography algorithms 4-Image processing techniques Publication for future Improving steganography LSB method using Fibonacci sequence Generating public key WORK Assistant . Lecturer Kufa University – faculty of education Computer Science Department