Zainab Abed Al Ramahy ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Pharmacy - General Pharmacy ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
B.SC from college of Sciences /Al -Mustansiriya University,I was the second on the Faculty of Sciences in (1994) , Demonstrator in Kufa Medicine college / Al -Mustansiriya University in (1984) , get Master's in Computer Science from Baghdad / National Center for Computers in (1989) , Assistant lecturer in Kufa Medicine college, / Al -Mustansiriya University in (1989) , Assistant lecturer in Medicine college/ Al -Mustansiriya University in (1990) , publication of two papers at Al –Mustansiriya University , Assistant lecturer in Kufa University / College of Pharmacy (2005) , Posted in Search Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa in (2008) , lecturer in College of Pharmacy / University of Kufa (2009) , chief of computer center , organ in Iraqi computer society , Participate in the Delphi program of the British Computer.