Yassir Alaa Shubbar ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
[email protected]
Name : Yassir Alaa Muhammed Hassan Shubbar Birth date : 2nd of September 1985 / Baghdad Nationality : Iraqi Marital state : married Phone number : 07811843569 E mail : [email protected] Academic Qualifications 1/ Iraqi Board certificate in Pathology /Histopathology graduated from The Iraqi Board For Medical Specializations in 2018 as 2ND place among peers . 2/ college certificate in Medicine and General Surgery graduated from college of medicine / Kufa University in 2008-2009 with class rate of 76.9 with 7th place among peers . Experiences 1/ worked as Resident Doctor in Al Najaf Health Directorate in Al Sadder Medical City and Al Zahraa Teaching Hospital in 2010 for one year 2/worked as primary health care center doctor in rural area for one year 3/worked as Teaching Assistant in Pathology and Forensic medicine Department in college of medicine / Kufa University for one year . 4/ worked as Teaching Assistant in Continuous Medical Education Department for one year . 5/ worked at Microbiology Department. 6/ participate in small group teaching and practical lectures for 3rd and 4th years students in College of Medicine Training courses 1/ computer and internet course in Kufa University in 2018 2/Germany training course of emergency management in collaboration with Ministry of Health in Al Sadder Medical city in 2010 3/Teaching Methods course in Faculty of Education/ Kufa University in 2018 , and pass it successfully as second place among peers . 4 / pass teaching authority test successfully . 5/ Arabic Language proficiency . 6/ several medical seminars and scientific conferences throughout the past years .