werda saleh alkrawy ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
[email protected]
WALDA SALEH NAGMASH University of Kufa College of Fiqh the department of Arabic language Najaf Governorate - Republic of Iraq General Specialization: Arabic Language and Literature. Specialization: Grammar. • Bachelor's degree in Arabic language and literature from the Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa 1999_2000. • Master of Arabic Language and Literature from the Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa, 2003 • Received a doctorate in the Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa. • Professor of grammar, linguistics and rhetoric in the Faculty of Fiqh / Department of Arabic language. • Member of the Union of Writers in Najaf (previously not full time). • Member of the Young Authors Forum (formerly part-time). • Member of the story club in Najaf. Publications • The blind in the Arab heritage and the attitude of the Balaghein. • The vocabulary in the book al-Bukhaila of the bold (study and glossary). • The colloquial words in the book al-Bukhail al-Jawhaz (study and glossary). • The poetic necessity and the position of the sculptor. • Wrapping Muslims around the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and its impact in circumventing the religious authority rational. • The effect of different Quranic readings in the glossary of the Koran. • Muslim mirror rights between Western and Islamic thought. • A collection of stories entitled ((a passage towards the day)) printed. Personal email [email protected]