thanaa abdul-ameer alzubaidi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education for Women - Chemistry
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Teacher: Thana Abdul Amir Hilal Zubaidi Master of Science (Organic Chemistry) Education for Girls - Chemistry Date of birth: 23-9-1983 (Female) general information She holds a bachelor's degree in 2006 and a master's degree in 2011 in inorganic chemistry / University of Kufa and currently teaching at the Faculty of Education for Girls   Publications     1-Synthesis and Characterization of ligands Containing (Azo-Anil) and complexes with (Ni + 2). 2-Synthesis and Identification of 4-Amino phenazone derivatives containing azo group. 3-Synthesis, characterization and study of chemo-physical properties of new ligands with complexes of (Zn + 2). Research interests Preparation and spectroscopic study of ions Preparation of organic compounds that are organic heterogeneous compounds Preparation of AZO compounds, contact information Mobile 07812396464 [email protected]:Email