Thaer Abaas Al- Nasrawi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education - ( Assistant Dean )
[email protected]
Full name : Thaier Abaas Hueedy Al-Nasrawy Sex: male Religion: Muslim Place and data of birth: Najaf 11\9\1979 Nationality: Iraqi Email: [email protected] [email protected] Web site: Mail box: N\A Mobile : 07802889429 07711445576 Address: Najaf, Jjameyaa quarter Qualification: Lecture (PhD) General Certificate: philosophy Specific Certificate: Philosophy of Religions and Dogmas tent o Degree Earned Issued by Academic year 1 B.A University of kufa college Art 2002-2003 2 M.A University of kufa collage Art 2006-2007 3 Ph.D University of kufa collage Art 2012-2013 Course Taught: (Islamic tent, Islamic education, Greek philosophy, Islamic mystical, philosophy of Islam, logic, Human Rights, Modern Islamic theologian, comparative religion studies) Positions held: 1- Shaike AlTossi Islamic College 2- Islamic Human College 3- Register of the Holly Quran Dept. 4- Chairman of the Holly Quran Department (Evening Studies) 5- Dean assistant at the Human Studies University College.