Tewfeek Muslim Al Bassry ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Languages - English Language
[email protected]
CV Name: Tewfeek Muslim Haran Gender: Male Current job and position: Lecturer at the Department of English, Faculty of Languages and Translation, University of Kufa, PO Box (21) Najaf Governorate, IRAQ Contact NO.: +964 (0) 7801169608 Email: [email protected] Qualification: MA in Entire English from University of Pune, Department of English (2007-09), BA in English from AL-Qadisiya University, College of Education, Department of English(2002-06). Research Interests: 1- English Literature. 2- American Novel. 3- American novel and short story teaching methods. 4- Cultural and educational fields of the EU. Selected Publications: 1- Psychoanalytic and Feminist Perspectives in D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers 2- Postcolonial Philosophy and Culture in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness 3-The Archetypal American Quest for Identity in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 4-The Tone of Human Rights in Ahmed Nagm's Prisoner File Teaching Interests: 1- English Novel. 2- American Novel and Short Story. 3- Postcolonial Novel. 4- American novel and short story teaching methods Courses: 1-Fulbright two months in the USA 2-Toefl ITP 3-TOT 1,2 and Professional Certified Trainer from University of Kufa 4- Delhpi program of Designing Curricula sponsoring from the EU two weeks in the UK 5-Volunteering in UNAMI Carnival of Human Rights in Najaf/Iraq 6- Understanding the US Culture and Education one month online though videoconference 7-IC3 in computer 8-Teaching Methods one month in the University of Kufa 9-Teaching Methods one month online in the University of Oregon 10- Shaping the way We Teach English online Course from University of Oregon (USA) 11- Syllabi Development Course from University of Surry (London) 12- English Academic Course from London House. Experiences: 1-Eight Years services in teaching, research, and outreach 2-Advisor of education especially of investment in education with the US embassy as volunteer. 3-Alumni in the American association in the US Department 4-The US Social Security Number holder 5-Founding member of establishing two faculties the University of Kufa 6-Management and leadership in education from university of UMass-Boston(USA) 7-Member of linking of Avicenna Center of E-Learning in the University of Kufa 8-Teaching Human Development to Non-governmental Civil Orgnizations Thanks and Appreciation 4 Thanks from The minister of Iraqi Mohesr 8 Thanks from The president of University of Kufa 4 Thanks from the dean of colleges 2 Thanks from The American Cultural Consultant in US Embassy