Talib Ali Rammahi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Jurisprudency - Arabic Language
[email protected]
* I got PhD in (Arabic language - the history of modern Arabic literature) in 1993 from Banaras Hidu University – BHU – that located in Varanasi city / India. * Since 1986 I am a politics and literature writer, I have two short story groups (The Price of Silence and Zahra from the villages of Iraq). And two novels (immigrant pains and Exit from the loin). * I have published My articles during the nineties of the last century in the many magazines such as ( Al tawheed)(Al alam) and (Al bayan al syasi)that publishing (Jerusalem) Palestine . *On 07/01/2003 founded in the United Kingdom (The new Iraq Center for Media & Studies). * Participated in a media campaign to support the Iraqi people during the war to liberate Iraq through Kuwaiti satellite channel and radio station, ANB satellite channel, and Radio of the Islamic Republic in Tehran. * Organized and lead the sit-in in front of the Jordanian embassy in London in March 2005 after a criminal bombing carried out in Hilla city by the Jordanian criminal Raed Mansour al-Banna. Organized and chaired the first International Conference of mass graves in Iraq, which was held in London on 16 September 2006 and it was off to determine the day (May 16) of each year as a national day of mass graves in Iraq. * Through (the new Iraq Center for Media Studies) and in cooperation with the ( Mihrab Foundation) , I hold the Second International mass graves conference, in Najaf (the Great Hall of the University of Kufa) dated 8/10/2008. In collaboration with the Kurdistan Regional Government in the establishment of the Third International Conference in Erbil on 17/4/2011 and sponsored by Barham Salih. * I participated in the May 2009 conference Irbil reconciliation and transitional justice. * I am a Writer and political analyst in many Arab and Iraqi satellite channels. * Deputy Secretary General of the Organization Monitor to support integrity in Iraq.