Tahseen Omran Mosa ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women -
[email protected]
B.Sc.general sciences , college of Educational Basic , Babil University , Iraq . M.Ed.Teaching Methods of sciences , college of Educational Basic , Al-mustansiriyah University ,ph.D. Teaching Methods of physics , college of Educational ( Ebin – Al-Haitham ) , Baghdad , Iraq . Resarch Intrest : 1 – Syllabus Analysis . 2 - Teaching Methods . 3 – Broblems of Teaching and Learning , How to Face Them . Publication : 1 – problems of teaching physics in The secondary Stage . 2 – The Evaluation Teaching Methods In the University of Kufa and the effect of the learning process . 3 – The Effect of Using Posner Sample on The Conceptual Changing of the secondary Forth class students in Physics Subject . 4 - the effectiveness of the Plan strategy in Acquiring the Physical Concepts at the students fourth- class scientific . 5-the effectiveness of the Activate prior knowledge strategy in Literacy physicist at the students fourth- class scientific . 6-Book physics third grade average content in light of the physical analysis of innovations 7-Effectiveness of the proposed strategy in accordance with the Quranic verses in the collection of physics at the average first-grade students and their thinking divergent.