Suhad Mohammed Al.jubori ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Science - Biology
[email protected]
-Name: Suhad Mohammed Madfoon Al-jubour -Date of appointment: 7-3-2007 -I worked as a teaching assistant in Biological sciences laboratories for three years in plant Anatomy taxanomy and microbiology labs. -Presented to the graduate masters 2010 accepted -Got a master degree in microbiology on 10-7-2012 -Got a scientific title of Assistant lecturer at 13-5-2013 -Currently working as teaching staff in the Department Labs and PHD student at biology department science collage \kufa university ** Courses : 1 -Computer course ICDL-2007 -2 Cycle IC3 - 2009 3-cycle analyses-2009 4. the cycle of infection control-2013 5. teaching methods-2012 6. maintenance and operation of laboratory devices-2013 7. modern laboratory devices-2015 cycle 8. the role of scholar-2015 9.Bioseparation 10.Lab safty ** Publications 1. study the possibility of using Article dates as anti-aflatoxin poisoning ( B1&B2 ) in male mice. 2 - Effect the contamination with Aspergillus flavus on quantity of some trace elements composition in wheat ,rice and corn flour 3- Evaluation Of Some Substances Efficiency Antimicrobial Of Mouth. **I teach the following subjects: 1- Microbial toxins 2-soil and water microorganisms 3-Phsiology of microbs 4-Antibiotics 5-Industrial microorganisms