Suhad Heyawi Awadi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Science - Physics ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
BSc. in Physics/Faculty of Education for Women -1998 MSc. In Physics /Optics- Faculty of Sciences Job Title: Senior Physist Job rank: Third 1 - Computer course in the center of the computer fair year 2008 2 - An English conversation at the Faculty of Science Computer Course at the Research and Rehabilitation Center in 2010 5 - Course of the safety of Arabic language in the Office of the University in 2017 6 - Physics in the physics department in 2014 _____________________________________ 1-worked as a lecturer in the laboratory of mechanics and the electrical laboratory in the physics department, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa 2 - worked in the library of the Faculty of Science. 3-I worked in charge of the Statistics Unit in the Division of Studies, Planning and Follow-up at the Deanship of the Faculty of Science, University of Kufa 4 - now responsible for the Library Division at the Faculty of Science, University of Kufa ____________________________________ Committee to seal seals in 2013 Committee for filling out the database form 2013 Committee of the calendar file for the quality of the performance of our college 2014 University Achievement Statistics Committee 2012 University Performance Committee at our college 2014 Committee for the preparation of the 2013 dpa program Records Registration Committee in the Library Committee for the completion of the annual report for the academic year 2016