shurooq wesam alshaibani ( Assistant Professor )
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0782212688 Shurooq Wesam Obaid University of Kufa College of Dentistry Branch Basic Sciences Kufa Najaf - the Republic of Iraq Mobile: +964 (0) 7,803,813,189 Email: She holds a bachelor's degree College Science / kufa university and Master of Science / University of Kufa. Lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry/ University of Kufa (2007-2009). Teaching in the College of Dentistry / University of Kufa since (2012). Research Interests * Histological study diseases. * Study of medicinal plants contraceptive and also serve to increase fertility. * Study and analysis of blood diseases and chronic physiological. Faculty concerns 1 - Teaching basic tissues in the human body 2 - physiology of blood. 3 - physiology members Research published selected 1 - Effect of petroleum ether extract of carrot seeds Dacus carota L. Anti-egg fertility of female rats. 2- Histological Study of Aqueous Extracts Leek Allium porrum L. in Female Reproductive System of Laboratory White Rats. 3- Effect of Aqueous Extract of Allium porrum ( leek) on Hematological parameters at female Albino Rats 4-Effects of Allium porrum Species Leaf Extract on some biochemical blood parameters At Albino Rats.