Shaymaa Abdulhussen Alhachamy ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Physical Planning -
[email protected]
Completed a bachelor's study (Art - Arabic language) in 2002, designated per Kufa University - Faculty of Theology on the permanent staffing in 2005, he completed a master study in 2011 the competence of the Arabic language, obtained his doctorate in 2015 the competence of literature and criticism interview. He began working at the School of Fiqh director Dean's Office and the decision of the Faculty Council for the years 2004-2009, received the Secretariat of the Council of the Faculty of Theology tasks in 2011. I have a permanent membership to maintain the integrity of the Arabic language in 2014 in addition to the many preparatory committees most important (Najaf, the capital of culture, science and knowledge) within Najaf, the capital of Islamic Culture project for the year 2012, I have 26 a letter of appreciation from the Minister and Deputy Minister and the heads of universities, deans and directors of two years.