Shaymaa Maki Altaee ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics
[email protected]
He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the Faculty of Science / University of Kufa in 2005-2006 He holds a Master's degree in Mathematics Science and a Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics from the College of Mathematics and Computer Science / University of Kufa for the year 2012. Research Interests: Study of mathematical transformations and their applications in computer science. Study the theory of matrices and apply them in finding the edges of medical images Study of Molecular Transformations and Their Application in Image Analysis. Digital topology and its applications. Studying the relationship between mathematical transfers and the theory of the statement. Teaching Interests: Sports Transfers Theory of matrices Simple Repentance Mathematical analysis Differential Equations (Normal + Partial) Differentiation and integration (initial + advanced) Materials taught 1. Ordinary differential equations 2. Partial differential equations (1 - 2) 3. Special functions 4- Biological Mathematics 1 5 - Advanced differentiation and integration 6. Foundations of Mathematics 7. Linear redress