Shafaq Yousif Alsrafy ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Arts - Arabic Language
[email protected]
arts Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa Department of arabic Language The province of Najaf - the Republic of Iraq E-mail: shafak [email protected] She holds a master's degree from the University of Qadisiyah / Faculty of Education / Department of English Language Currently: PhD student at the University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts / Department of Arabik Language Research Interests : contemporary linguistics ـ linguistic detective in Western philosophy ـ lexical studies ـ linguistic correction ـ Teaching Interests: Grammer ـ Exchange ـ Research Methods ـ Research published and accepted for publication: Quranic impact in the poetry of Sheikh al-Waeli.ـ Arabic language and electronic mediaـ Ibn Duraid approach in his book population signifier door model