sawsan dheyaa shubbar ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Engineering -
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University of Kufa College of Engineering Department of chemical Engineering : Sawsan Diaa Ahmad Shubbar Address : Iraq- Najaf Birthday : 15-11-1963 Gender : female 3- Nationality: : Iraqi No. of children :two 4- Official address: Material Eng. Department / College of Engineering / Kufa University 5- Scientific level: M.Sc.)Chemical Eng.( 6- Scientific degree: Lecture 7- e-mail:[email protected] Specialization Date of graduation University Certificate Chemical Engineering 1985 Baghdad Bachelor Chemical Engineering 2007 Baghdad M.Sc. ---------------- ----- Ph.D. Date of appointment in the higher education: 2008 Scientific degree: Assistance lec. Tasks she was asked to perform and the year : 1- Member department committees from 2008 till know. 2- Member of examination committee from 2008 till 1-7-2009. 3- Head of non-metallic laboratory from 2009 till know. 4- Member of syllabus developments committee from 2008 till know. 2 5- Member of educational gaudiness committee from 2008 till know. Researches : Year of issuance Scientific magazine Title Vol.9 No.1 (March 2008) 23-2 Engineering Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Pyrolysis of High Density PE to Produce Fuel Like Liquid Hydrocarbons" 0202/ No.1 Kufa engineering journal Effect of Recycling on Rheological and Mechanical Properties of High Impact Polystyrene VOL17/NO 6/2011 BAGHDAD ENGINEERING COLLEGE JOURNAL The Effect of Shear on the Properties of Rigid PVC Subject which he taught and the year: 1- Mathematics 1st year 2008 till now. 2- Non-metallic 2nd year 2008 till now. Missions and seminars (inside & outside the country) : Several training courses dealing with the following practices: 1- Thermosets resins technologies.(6/10/1986) 2- Two months training in Computers (office applications). (29/4 to 22/6/2000) 3- Water treatment and cooling towers .(from 11/11 to 23/11/2000) 4- Basic management principals.(1/7 to 12/7/2001) 5- Stores managements.(14/4 to 26/4/2001) 6- Unit operations (21/7 to 2/8/2001) 7- Contracting principals.(10/3 to20/3/2001) 8- industrial safety.(17/2 to30/2/2001) 9- total quality control ISO.(15/9 to 25/9/2001) 10- An intensive 4 weeks (B-level) English language course for chemical engineering(1/3 to7/4/2001) 3 11- Negotiation practicing.(5/5 to 15/5/2002) 12- advanced management 13- Computers applications.(11/12 to 29/12/2004) Language he can speak Arabic (Native language), English (Reading, Writing, Speaking) Other skills: Polymer characterization. Degradation and stabilization of polymers. Rheology of polymers. Reinforcement of plastics. Mechanical properties of polymers.