Dr. Sattar Naser Alghazali ( Lecturer )
Faculty of ( Assistant Dean )
[email protected]
Curriculum Vitae . Personal Information: Name: sattar naser ketab . Position: Assistant Lecturer, Kufa University, Faculty of Education , Computer Department . Date of birth: June 27th, 1981. Marital status: Married. Mobile No. : 07825695997 E-mail:[email protected] Education: 1) B.Sc. Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Kufa University, July 2006 Good degree 2) M.Sc. pure Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Kufa University, February 2012 . 3) Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Baghdad University 2017. . Research Interests: .ordinary Differential equations. Publications 1- Oscillation and Nonoscillation of Solutions of Third Order Neutral Differential Equations 2- Oscillation Criteria for Solutions of n-th Order Nonlinear Neutral Differential Equations. 3- Asymptotic Behavior Criteria for Solutions of Nonlinear n-th Order Neutral Differential Equations 4-Asymptotic behavior of third order non-linear neutral differential equations 5-Oscillation of Third Order Nonlinear Neutral Differential Equation. 6- Asymptotic behavior criteria for solutions of nonlinear n-th order neutral differential equations. 7- A suggested method for finding the general solution of the beloved Equations u^'' (x)+3u(x) u^' (x)+u^3 (x)=0 8- Using the assumption Z(x,y)=e^∫▒〖u(x)dx+∫▒v(y)dy〗 for solving some kinds of linear third order P.D.Es. 9- Special Cases of P.D.Es. and its Solution. display 6 . Training ........... . 2007 Kufa university , computer center MS-windows (MS-Excel ,MS-Word ,Internet) 1 2009 Kufa university , computer center ICDL 2 2012 Kufa university , computer center ICDL 3 2012 Kufa university , computer center MATLAP in the numerical analysis 4