Sattar Jabar Alhusainy ( Assistant Lecturer )
Presidency - Kufa Studies Center
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Name: MM Sattar Jabbar Hashem Mahdi al-Husseini Housing: the province of Najaf - Born: 1968 Workplace: University of Kufa, Kufa Studies Center _ _ documents and manuscripts department He holds a bachelor's degree from (Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa _) at the 28/06/1994 He holds a master's degree from (Aladab_ Faculty of the University of Kufa) at the 01/14/2015 Academic Title: Assistant teacher at 02/15/2015 Thesis title: the words of justice and injustice in the speeches of Nahj - indication of a glossary General jurisdiction: Arabic Language Jurisdiction flour: The language Number of research accomplished: 8 Number of published research: 4 Number of letters of appreciation: 19 Participation in conferences: Conference of Arabic in the College of Education for Girls - Conference Nahj in the College of Basic Education. Participation in exhibitions: Exhibition of books held by the secretariat of the Kufa mosque and an exhibition of books and exhibition threshold Alhasinah- books upper threshold. Sessions: The Official correspondence course in the presidency of the University of Kufa (23 645 at 09/21/2010). - The cycle of computers in the center of Kufa TCL studies (1307 to 29/11/2010) - IC3 Computing and cycle in the reconstruction of the Institute of Computer Technology in Qadisiyah (888 at 08/25/2012) - The cycle of educational qualification in Mrkzattaiwir university teaching and training in the College of Education for Girls (549 at 08/01/2015). Center for Studies in Kufa 10/01/2016 Library Division official