sattar jabar al-obadi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Archeaology -
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Name: Star Jabbar Ahmed Mohammed Education: Master in Islamic Archeology . Donor: University of Baghdad / College of Arts / Department of Archeology / Islamic Branch . Occupation: Assistant teacher . Place of work: University of Kufa / Faculty of Archeology / Department of Islamic Archeology . Currently PhD student / University of Baghdad / College of Arts / department of Archeology / Islamic Studies Branch . Published Research . I have a research entitled (floors of applied arts in the century "5 AH - 11 m") published in the magazine Sumer, Majdal (62) for the year (2016 ) .) Post : 1 . Participation in an international conference in Germany under the auspices of the German Archaeological Institute in 2016, under the title (Iraq in the Middle Ages and historical architecture), and my research was entitled (bombing of the shrine of Imam Muhammad al-Dari in the role of the role ) . 2 . Participation in the third specialized scientific conference of the Faculty of Education in 2018, under the title (art and technology illuminations knowledge in the development of cities) and was a research entitled (elements of architecture and its role and aesthetic in the Arab architecture in the Islamic era . Themes of the course 1 . The spread of Christianity from Jerusalem and the most important parts of the church in which the ritual takes place . 2 . the geographical location of the confusion and the most important tribes of Arabs and non-Arabs with the most important kings . 3 .An explanation of some of the religious buildings in the confusion . 4 . the art that appeared in the Christian religious building