Sarah Kadhim AlShamri ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Pharmacy - General Pharmacy
[email protected]
Education MSc – University of Kufa 2019 BSc – University of Kufa 2011 Employment History 2011-2019: Clinical instructor, College of Pharmacy, University of Kufa, Iraq. • Attend the lab session and guide the students during practical session at all time. • Assist the course instructor and or lecturer ,assisting students, overseeing laboratory activities, or monitoring study group activities and interactions. • Assist researchers in the department in carrying out experimental research work. • Perform the required practical session prior to the lab in order to verify model answers for problems, experimental results and/or the properties of the required pharmaceutical preparation. • Prepare materials, chemicals and glassware required for each practical session as per a checklist prepared by the lecturer. • Assist the lecturer in calibrating laboratory equipment and perform regular checks on chemicals, glassware and materials and identify and report shortage. • Inventory of chemicals, glassware, and equipment. • Following the international safety guidelines in the lab. • Receiving purchased laboratory chemicals and glassware as per description. • Assisting in invigilation and preparing the examination halls and student lists. • Carry out any other task related to the course/college assigned to him/her by the course instructor and/or head of department apart from practical sessions. Research Interests: Targeted Drug Delivery, Design & Optimization of Dosage regimens, Medicine use, and safety. Teaching Philosophy Through my career in teaching I have learnt that self-development and assessment is a key challenge in the teaching career. It is very important to develop creative and useful teaching methods that enable the Lecturer and Tutor to achieve better outcomes in education. The employment of effective teaching techniques and their development according to the students’ requirements is crucial in the this job. Working on improvements based on self and students’ assessment will definitely result in a more effective teaching technique. The creation of a fruitful learning environment in which students are the center of attention rather than the instructor is a very constructive learning approach that needs training and different teaching methods and tools. Therefore, I consider teaching as a field that requires constant developments, innovation and improvements for the benefit of the educational system.