saami shaheed almayali ( Professor )
Faculty of Arts - Philosophy
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Scientific Biography BA - Faculty of Arts - University of Baghdad - 1975 MA - Faculty of Arts - University of Kufa - 2001 Ph.D. - Faculty of Arts - University of Kufa - 2005 Third: The materials he taught Teaching the vocabulary of philosophy for the early stages of these materials Ethics - This article examines important items including the definition of creativity and the relationship of ethics to other sciences and research in the emergence of moral philosophy and its topics In addition to reviewing the main meanings of the philosophy of ethics such as conscience, duty and virtue. With the study of the most prominent moral doctrines such as The doctrine of pleasure and the doctrine of evolution and the doctrine of public utility The philosophers of the Arab Maghreb - This article deals with a prelude to the transmission of philosophy from the Arab Mashreq to the Maghreb, in addition to a review of the most prominent philosophical views of both Ibn Bajah, Ibn Tufayl, Ibn Rushd, and Ibn Khaldun. And study their views comparative study Fourth: Experiences Teaching at the University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts - Department of Philosophy - Department of Philosophy from 2006 to date - Participate in the discussion of many graduate research for students of the graduating classes - Participated in many scientific conferences participated in the conference of humanities, which was held at the University of Kufa for the period from 15 to 17 April 2008 in a research entitled (ethics and politics at Ibn Bajah) and participated in the University of Mustansiriya / Faculty of Arts / Department of Philosophy in 2009 with a title (Ethics of speakers) Abdul Jabbar Mu'tazili model Participating in scientific seminars / Participated in many scientific symposiums held by the Department of Philosophy, whether participant or the final and finally the symposium held in the martyr-Sadr under the title (lessons in political philosophy) State model in March 2010 as a participant Participate in many scientific committees in the department, including the discussion committee for graduate research for students of the completed stage as well as the oral exam for students - Applicants for admission to graduate studies / masters Scientific consultation / provide scientific consultation for students of the completed stage with respect to their research as well as graduate students / Masters and PhD -