salih jabar alkurashy ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
[email protected]
He holds a master's and doctorate from the University of Kufa - College of jurisprudence in the jurisdiction of the Science of Hadith and learned men. He holds a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Theology in 1986 and master's in 2006 and doctorate in 2010. Subscribe to more than forty scientific conference in the Iraqi and foreign universities. It has several unpublished research in the Iraqi and Arab journals. Appoint teaching in Karbala University - Faculty of Islamic Sciences in 2008. He received the title of Doctor assistant professor in 2011 from the same university. Ktdirici moved to Kufa University - Faculty of Theology in 2013. He holds dozens of letters of appreciation and the appreciation of the ministers, university rectors and deans and directors of procurators. Some ministries Ntegath publish research in scientific fields. He holds the honor of many scientific bodies in and outside the country. Now it works teaching for postgraduate studies and preliminary in the Faculty of Theology - University of Kufa