salah abd-alhussein almansory ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Jurisprudency - ( Assistant Dean )
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Assistant professor, Dr. Salah Abdul-Hussein Mehdi Mansouri Degree: PhD Academic Title: Assistant Professor General jurisdiction: Sharia and Islamic Studies Jurisdiction flour: jurisprudence Phone: 07801002358 Combine the two studies seminary and academic For level Alihuzoi completed a study of primates and surfaces and entered a search outside the Hawza in Qom in the Islamic Republic of Iran at the hands of senior professors of the estate which continued to search overseas studies in the possession of Najaf for many years and in Qom got Ashraf care full because of the privileges in my profile of superiority and writing research and participate in international conferences and I got my several advanced mattresses where and studied at the Hawza canons of Islam and Shines Damascene and beliefs front and gains and jurisprudence (three episodes, jurisprudence Sheikh Muzaffar) and on the level academic: - I got a master's degree in 2007 and doctorate in 2011 from the Faculty of Theology University of Kufa - Got a bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Law of the University of Basra in 1989-1990 - I spent three years at the Baghdad University College of Law and Politics / Law Department - I got a master's degree in Islamic knowledge of the International Center for Islamic Studies in Iran Positions held: - 1. Intellectual safety official radio knowledge for four years how much I am one of the founders of radio knowledge and member of the board of directors for the same period. 2. Cultural Section official in Najaf, the holy cultural institution for a period of five years from 2004 to 2009 3. She served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Law University of Misan for the period from 2009 to 2011 4. She served as Secretary of the Board of the College of Law in 2008.  5. served as Rapporteur of the Department of Law in 2011 6. member of the Legal Advisory Office of the Faculty of Law / University of Misan 7. Member of the Association of Iraqi lawyers 8. Member of the Iraqi Jurists Union 9. Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs - Faculty of Jurisprudence / group of Kufa in 2014 and so far 10. Chairman of the Committee of Graduate Studies in the Department of Jurisprudence and / Faculty of Jurisprudence / University of Kufa Research interests: - 1. The author of the Mahdi when teams and Islamic doctrines (analytical study) 2. The State's theory at Martyr Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr - community group 3. discuss the political and economic treatises failure in human happiness 4. The position of the canon of women appointed as a judge (unpublished) 5. annul the marriage because of defects comparative study between the law and the law (unpublished) 6. civilization between Sharia law (unpublished) 7. theory of time, place, and its role in devising legal provisions (unpublished) 8. The Development of assets at the front (unpublished) 9. constitutional state at the chest and Naini comparative study (published in one of the conferences) 10. The role of Imam Hadi (AS) to stand against deviant beliefs and trends (published in one of the conferences) 11. docile and experience when fundamentalists (unpublished) 12. Educational and Streptococcus dimensional revolution in Husseiniya 13. nastiness without punishment Base statement as the only Behbahani 14. Angels realism fundamentalist TERMS study (unpublished) 15. educational dimensions in the heritage of Imam Baqir (AS) 16. Role of Imam Sadiq (AS) in the crystallization of the fundamentalist rules 17. Child Education in Islam (analytical study) - Actually teaching: - 1. Professor of Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Jurisprudence / University of Kufa, and supervised and discussed many of the theses. 2. I taught the following subjects at the Faculty of Law / University of Misan (the entrance to the law, personal status, inheritance, real rights, civil contracts) 3. I taught the following materials in the Department of Law / University of Imam Sadiq (the entrance to the law, rights in rem, civil contracts, inheritance, personal status, principles of jurisprudence) 4. I taught jurisprudence at the University of Imam Kadhim, the Department of Jurisprudence / Maysan Branch 5. I taught material inlet Sharia in the Islamic University in Najaf 6. I taught jurisprudence, Fiqh and inferential material in the Institute of Imam Hussein (AS) Higher in the holy city of Karbala 7. I taught jurisprudence at the core / Kufa University College of Education 8. I taught jurisprudence in mixed / Kufa University College of Education 9. Study the material assets of jurisprudence in the Faculty of Theology / University of Kufa 10. material studied Islamic Economics in the Faculty of Jurisprudence / University of Kufa