Saif Hayder Al-Hussainy ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Political Sciences
[email protected]
• Bachelor of Political Science / University of Kufa / Faculty of Political Science 2010 - 2011. • Master of Political Science / Nahrain University / Faculty of Political Science / Department of Political Systems and Public Policy 2016-2017. Other certificates : • ICDL. • TOEFL certification. • Many certificates of appreciation and participation. Other Activities: • Chairman of the Legislative Institute for Political Science (NGO). • Editor of the newspaper legislation. • Member of the Arab League for Literature and Culture. • Member of the creative literary forum / Union of writers and writers Babylon. • Lecturer in many seminars and conferences inside and outside Iraq. Author Books: -1 Jarf Al-Sakhr Information Certificates. 2 -The United Nations is neutral and biased. 3 -I need (literary texts). 4 -President of the Republic (a group of stories). 5 -Secularism is an attempt to understand (prepared for printing). 6 -Political marketing of political parties (prepared for printing).