saif najah albosebee ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - History
[email protected]
c.v Name: Saif najah Marza Hamza AbuSaiba Religion Muslim Place and date of birth: Najaf, 1978 Nationality: Iraqi E-mail: [email protected] Postal Fund Address: University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts - History Department Mobile number: 07801791081 Address : Scientific title: Assistant Professor Certificate: Ph.D. General Specialization: Modern and Contemporary History Specialization: History of modern and contemporary thought Profession: Teaching Place of work: University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts / History Department Published Scientific Research Research Title Publication Place Publication Year Human Rights in Modern and Contemporary History 2 US Policy towards Iraq and Future Horizons Development Papers / Center for Strategic and Development Studies 2007 Najaf trade in the Ottoman era Journal of Asala / Najaf 2011 The administrative situation in Jabal Amel 1900-1914 Literature Kufa / Najaf 2013 5 Intellectual and social concepts in the views of the educated category in Jabal Amel researcher magazine / Karbala 2014 Journal of the College of Education for Girls / Najaf Ahmed Reza Al - Amali and his intellectual efforts. Journal of the Center of Studies Kufa / Najaf Studying and documenting the Journal of the Arts of Kufa / Najaf Scientific societies participating in it Name and location of the association Duration from to type of participation Iraqi Society for Management and Development / Baghdad 2006 - 2007 Lecturer Positions held Duration from to workplace Political Science Department 2006 Islamic University / Department of Political Science Course of History / Evening Study 2007 - 2010 Faculty of Arts / History Department Administrative Service Register Work Place Duration From To Work Type Department of History / Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa 2006 - until now Professor of University Contributions to community service Place of Contribution Date Type of Contribution Cultural and heritage councils from 2006 so far lecturing Faculty of Arts / History Department 2009-2010 Educational and social supervision on the students of the department Academic Experience Teaching the academic according to modern modern methods Scientific research in depth with modern historical studies اقتراح تعديل