sahar jasim altureihi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Law - Law
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Name: Sahar Jassem Abdul Moneim Tureihi Teaching at the University of Kufa / Faculty of Law And a lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Humanities and the College of Imam Al-Kadhim. I studied the subject of personal status (marriage, divorce, wills, wills and inheritance). I have a practical experience in teaching more than ten years. She studied English in many colleges, schools, governmental and private institutes, including the Institute for the Preparation of Teachers and Teachers Certificates: 1) Bachelor of Sharia and Islamic Sciences / University of Baghdad                2) Master of Law and Islamic Sciences / University of Kufa                3) Ph.D. in Orientalist Quranic Studies / University of Kufa                4) Certificate from the American DePaul University within the Women's Leadership Project in 2010. Currently in the role of law study in order to nurture practical experience with specialization. Research: 1) Thematic interpretation of the modernists (Sheikh Amin Kholy model) / research published in the Journal of College of jurisprudence 2009          Jihad Sheikh Abdul - Karim Al - Jazairi National and Political          3) Quranic readings by the Orientalists of Germany / 2012          4) The position of Orientalists Germans of the phenomenon of revelation / 2012          5) A look at the personal status law of Iraq and its compatibility with the provisions of Islamic law (Jaafari)         6) Historical and legislative development of the Islamic Waqf system 67) 6) Prophet Muhammad's prophecy in the eyes of the German Orientalists         8) The Importance of DNA in Proving Proportion                  9) Lost Legacy / Lost Heritage Model / (Comparative Study between Sharia and Law)         10) and other research papers published in scientific journals Research under publication: 1. Ruling on the will of the heir (comparative study) 2. The will of the patient is death sickness 3. The provisions of the debt relating to the death of the deceased (comparative study)  Seminars, conferences and courses: 1) The Honorary Conference of the Professor Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Hussein Al - 2) a scientific symposium held in memory of the departure of Mr. Mohamed Taqi Hakim 3) In addition to many conferences and seminars inside and outside the University of Kufa 4) Participated in many courses on teaching methods, computer and education Continuous guidance, guidance and others ... Testimonials and Thanks Books: I received many certificates of appreciation From the University of Kufa and the University of Karbala and the University of Babylon and other sources such as:  The upper threshold, the Abbasid threshold, the Kadhimiya threshold, and the governorate council Najaf, and Najaf project capital of Islamic culture and others. Activities for 2016-2017 • Teaching personal status / third stage / morning and evening • Teaching English language / first stage / morning and evening 1. The Rapporteur of the General Branch / P / 1937 on 13/6/2016 .................................. ........................... 2. Research / a. Research Journal of Faculty of Law / University of Kufa             B. Accepting the publication of the Journal of the Faculty of Basic Education for Educational Sciences and Humanities / Babylon University             C. Accepting the publication of the Journal of College of Jurisprudence / University of Kufa 3. Thanks a. University of Kufa / (Development of Women's University Leadership Development) held at the Faculty of Mixed Education (from 29/1/2017 to 2/2/2017) B . University of Kufa / AS (R / 1 17278) on 6/10/2016  University of Kufa, 24/10/2016 W. Mr. Brigadier General (8/3/2017) C. Mr. Dean (20/3/2017), we have won the first place in the university leadership course H. Mr. Brigadier / 2017 E. Mr. Brigadier / 2017 Dr.. Mr. Governor / 18/11/2016 Y. Mr. Governor / 20/12/2016 .................................. ........................... 4. Administrative functions, standing committees, temporary committees, workshops, courses and scientific seminars: a. Workshop in the Department of Graduate Studies / University of Kufa on 20/4/2017 On the Faculty of Arts. B. Evaluation Research / University of Kufa Faculty of Law / 12/6/2017 T. A quinquennial committee according to the University Council's book No. 767 on 1/2/2017 W. Women Leadership Development Course / Kufa University / Continuing Education Department C. Committee for Quality, Accreditation and University Performance / University of Kufa / Faculty of Law / P (4209) on 29/12/2016 H. Committee for the destruction of official documents / University of Kufa / Faculty of Law / p (952) in 2016 E. Central Committee for Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance (P / 4197) on 29/12/2016 Dr. Committee for the third role complementary to the stages (the second second third) p (3627) on 8/11/2016 Y. Committee for the classification of the university for scientific research / p (129) on 9/1/2017 T. Audit Committee of the information contained in the letters and notes for the students of the College / P (1061) on 30/3/2017 G. Teaching English for the first stage / p (3749) on 28/11/2016 S. Admission Committee for Evening Students for the 2016-2017 Evening Study (3129) on 27/9/2016 E. Exam Committee / Phase II / Morning Study, 2016 2017 s. Participation in Continuing Education / Seminar under the title (inherited inheritance, a lost heritage model). Z. Participate in many seminars and seminars held in the Faculty of Law / General Branch I. He supervised many graduate research in the private law branch. K. Evaluation of many research within and outside the university. M. Discussion of Master's Thesis (Silence and Movement in the Qur'anic Text)