Dr. safaa Abd Zaid ABD ALI ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Science - Biology
[email protected]
I finished my master study at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria in 2008, in molecular biology, specialty Microbiology and microbiological control: "Isolation and characterization of lactic acid bacteria from Iraqi cheeses". I taught food and industrial microbiology subject in the University of Kufa, Faculty of Science in the Department of Biology from 2009 to 2012 for students, level 4. And in 2010 I taught the same subject in the faculty of agriculture, department of food industries for students, level 3 as an assistant teacher. I also finished my doctoral study at IMT-Atlantique in 2018, in Microbiology, specialty in the field of process engineering and bio-processes: "Filtration performance of antimicrobial and regular HVAC filters for PM10 and microbial aerosols in the laboratory and under realistic conditions ".