Safa Majeed Al-Hassani ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Chemistry
[email protected]
Analytical Chemistry professor has been graduated from Kufa University Chemistry Department at 2006, I had my master degree at 2010 with 80.8 %, my Ph.D. from College of Education for pure Science Ibn Al-Haitham with graduate valuation "very good". As Chemistry Professor taught students in colleges and universities and deliver lectures on topics like analytical chemistry, separation methods, and instrumental. Typical job preparing lesson materials, supervising lab work, grading examinations, assigning work to students, and advising students during office hours. My instructional skills, being able to motivate students, presentation skills, effective communication, and research aptitudes. Employment Faculty of Education for girls- Kufa University, Iraq, Al-Najaf, Apr 2006 - Present  leadership and Management  responsibility for Teaching and Students  responsibility for Research  knowledge Transfer  people Management  quality Assurance  development of Academic/Research Standing  Lecturer Faculty of Education for girls- Kufa University, Iraq, Al-Najaf, Oct 2006 - Present  lecture planning, preparation and research  contact and teaching time with students  checking and assessing students work  encouraging personal development via tutorial or pastoral work  invigilating examinations  attending staff meetings  general administration  writing research proposals, papers and other publications  reading academic journals  managing research budgets  attending and speaking at conferences and seminars Member of the university committee CBRN, Feb 2019 Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN)