Saeed Ali Al- Shibly ( Professor )
Faculty of Law - Law
[email protected]
1994 – 1995 / Iraq - University of Babylon / Bachelor / Law 1997 – 1998/ Iraq - University of Babylon/ Master / Public Law 2009 / Iraq - Nahrain University / PhD / Philosophy in Public Law The scientific activity: 1. Taught to preliminary studies at the university since 1999 , as he taught administrative law materials , international law, administrative contracts , constitutional law , administrative justice and political systems . 2. He has taught at the graduate / masters / General section at the University of Kufa . 3. Advisor of many master thesis in the law. 4. Take part in the discussion of many master and doctoral thesis in Iraqi universities . 5. The assessment of many of the thesis in Iraq's universities , including the Universities of Baghdad , University of Babylon and Al-Mustansiriya and Nahrain and Karbala. 6. participated in several conferences and seminars , including: a. Scientific Conference of the University of Babylon in 2001. b. Institutions of civil society conference at the Centre for Human Rights in Najaf in 2004. c. Conference Teachers / union branch of Najaf for the constitutional referendum in 2005. d. Conference Qadisiyah University for the Humanities for the years 2007.2008, 2010.2012. e. Specialist I of the rights of women and children in the University of Qadisiyah Conference. f. Conference Kufa University for the Humanities in 2008. g. Kufa University seminar on the constitutional referendum in 2005. h. Centre for Human Rights seminar on the law of provincial councils in 2006. i. Centre for Human Rights Seminar on Personal Status Law in 2006. j. Seminar on administrative corruption in Kufa Cement Plant in 2006. k. The reality of Iraqi women and future aspirations for a better life in the Department of Civil Society / College of Arts / University of Kufa, 2011 . l. Seminar on the status of older persons in Iraq in the Department of Civil Society / College of Arts / University of Kufa in 2012 . m. First International Conference on the Use of Higher Education - University of Beni Suef labor market - Egypt - 2012 . n. First Arab Conference for legal awareness - the prime minister - the Republic of Iraq --2,013 . o. International Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa in 2013 . p. The first joint scientific conference between the University of Kufa, Iraqi university in 2013 . q. And many other Conferences and seminars .