SADIA K ALSAFI ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Physical Planning -
[email protected]
التعيين والوظائف 1984 لغاية 1996 مسؤولة مخمنية الشركات الأجنبية / الهيئة العامة للضرائب / وزارة المالية/ بغداد 2008 لغاية 2011 طالبة ماجستير/ مدرسة البناء والإسكان والتخطيط/ جامعة العلوم الماليزية / ماليزيا 10\10\ 2011 لغاية 1\9\2012 في انتظار معادلة شهادة الماجستير ومعاملة التعيين في جامعة الكوفة 2/9/ 2012 لغاية التو واللحظة محاضر (مدرس مساعد) قسم التخطيط الحضري / كلية التخطيط العمراني / جامعة الكوفة / العراق \ اُدرس مادة الفكر التخطيطي لطلبة المرحلة الثاني في قسمي الحضري والبيئي, كما أُدرس مادة التخطيط الحضري (عملي) مع بقية مدرسي القسم في نفس الدرس. 1984 until 1996 Assessor of foreign companies / Ministry of Finance / Baghdad 2008 until 2011 Msc Student / / School of Housing, Building and Planning / University Sains Malaysia 2/09/2012 So far Lecturer (Assistant Lecturer) Department of Urban Planning / College of Physical Planning / University of Kufa / Iraq \ Currently I am teaching Schematic Thought for the Second Phase - Urban and Environmental Departments \ and Urban Planning (Practical) only for Urban Department. Researches 1- Acceptable and Unacceptable Growth of Industrial Agglomeration in Urban Environment. Baghdad as Case Study. International Workshop On Livable Cities 2013 (IWLC 2013) , University of Malaysian Sciences, School of Housing, Building and Planning ,Centre for Research Initiatives (CRI), Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Malaysia - Penang on Oct. 2-5, 2013. 1- 2- Assessment of Government Financing Policies for Housing of Low-Income in Iraq \ 4th International Conference on Built Environment in Developing Countries, 2010\ School of Housing, Building and Planning\ University Sains Malaysia. 3- Attendance, Retreat Programme for Postgraduate's Research, Held on 26th-28th June 2009\ University Sains Malaysia. 4- Attendance, Methodology Workshop from 02-03 June 2008\ Institute of Graduate Studies\ University Sains Malaysia. 5- Attendance, Statistical Technique Workshop from 09-13 June 2008\ Institute of Graduate Studies\ University Sains Malaysia.