Sadeq Hassan Al-tofaily ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
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Name: Sadiq Hassan Ali SHATI AL TOFAILI. Scientific Title: A. PROPH. Job Title: teaching Workplace: Faculty of Jurisprudence / Kufa University / Department of Religion and Islamic Thought The date and place of birth: the province of DhiQar / spend Tents / 1967. He earned a bachelor's degree from the International Center for Islamic Studies in Qom / Iran in 1997 a very good grade. The certificate evaluation by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of resolution No. 414 with a number PO Box 2807 in 5/8/2004 m. Completed his studies of stage masters in Kufa University / Faculty of jurisprudence, it has been accepted in the year 2005, and received a master's degree and grade (Distinction) in accordance with a number IQD / 8988 dated 07/03/2008 of university matter, and it was his title: Search verbal when Sheikh amino in his book Al-Ghadeer. He was accepted in the doctoral phase in Kufa University / Faculty Fiqh year 2008. He was appointed in Kufa University / College of Fiqh under which the university v u / 16774 dated / 11/12, 2008, and has Mbacherth dated 13/11/2008 AD, in the Department of Islamic belief and thought, under the administrative matter with the number 2739. He received his doctorate degree in Jurisprudence and dated 10/15/2012, and was Thesis Title: (fundamentalist school with Mr. al-Khoei and applications jurisprudence) He has taught subjects to the stage of bachelor / Faculty of Theology: 1 History of Islamic Thought Article 2 of Islamic philosophy in sections Fiqh 3 jurisprudence of Sheikh Mohammed RazaMuzaffar 4of Islamic jurisprudence. Service in higher education: eight years. Research published: 1 pledge to put words in Mr. al-Khoei theory (a joint research with Dr. Hadi Hussein Alkraawi). 2 quota in the literal meanings when Mr. al-Khoei (fundamentalist Study) (a joint research with Dr. Hadi Hussein Alkraawi) 3 Imam Sadiq peace and its impact in rooting aware jurisprudence 4 Altertb when Mr. Abdullah Shirazi (fundamentalist Study) 5 combine virtual governance and the rule realistic Current housing: Najaf province / spend Kufa / Sadr City near the third role of the estate. Mobile number 07809990121 Email [email protected]