Sabah Erees Alduleimi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Law - Law
[email protected]
He had been studied law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Mesopotamia beginning of the year 2002 and graduated in 2005 and earned a master's degree from the same university in 2007 year. He got the appointment at the University of Kufa and sell it joined a PhD in 2012 and received his doctorate in 2017 214/5000 albihuth almanshura 1- altaen bi'iieadat almuhakamat biwusfat tariqanaan min turuq altaen fi al'ahkam alqadayiya 2- muqtadayat 'iislah qanun altanzim alqadayiyi (mshitrak ) 3- dawr aleuraf fi tafsir aleaqd ( dirasat maqarinih ) 4- tasil alearf fb eaqd al'iijar Publications 1. Challenging the retrial by way of means of appeal against judicial decisions 2. The requirements of reform of the Judicial Organization Law (Joint) 3 - The role of custom in interpreting the contract (comparative study) 4 - the custom of the lease contract