saad jasim alkaabi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Jurisprudency - ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
Name: Saad Jasim gesture. Breed: Baghdad 1974 Address: Najaf Al Ashraf Certificates: • Bachelor of Education / Faculty of Basic Education / University of Mustansiriya 1999, • Bachelor of Islamic Sciences / College of Fiqh / University of Kufa. • Master of Islamic Sciences, Jurisprudence and Principles 20112012 • The title of the thesis (the impact of fundamentalist rules at the Imamiyah in the writing and interpretation of the Iraqi Constitution). • PhD thesis title: (Modernist buildings in the reading of the legal text critical study). • Certificate of proficiency in English College of Languages ​​University of Baghdad 1999. • Certificate of TOEFL Al-Farabi Center 2012. • IC3 Certificate in Computer Center TOEFL 2012. Obesity: The research phase has been outside for 9 years and has studied the following subjects: 1) Practical message. 2) Lectures in theology. 3) The jewels of rhetoric. 4) Ibn Aqeel's explanation. 5) Dew diameter 6) Lessons in biography. 7) Lessons in logic. 8) The logic of Shaykh al-Muzaffar. 9) Book of the laws of Islam. 10) Damascene glint. 11) Lectures in the science of men. 12) Explanatory jurisprudence (parallel to the book of law). 13) Explanatory Jurisprudence (parallel to the Book of Light). 14) The first episode. 15) The second episode. 16) The third episode. 17) The Book of Gains (the high surface stage that precedes the external research phase, which is the highest level of the study of the Azzawiya). Research: 1) Ruling on Hajj when it is different in proving the crescent. 2) Normative to highlight the evidentiary principles in determining the verses of judgments. 3) The concept of violation at the front. 4) The legitimacy of the ruling in the honorable year. 5) The social structure in Islam according to the ambitions of Mr. Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr. 6) Authentic documentation of the late. 7) the concept of the bond between the science of assets and the science of men. 8) Fundamental rules and jurisprudential rules between self-differentiation and external differentiation. 9) the agency's indication of Imam (p) on the piety. 10) Fundamental approach in the scientific estate study comparative between the seminars and previous approaches. 11) The false promise of the wife in Islamic law read in the angel and the evidence. 12) Prepositions discussed in the study of problems and solutions.