Saad Jabbar Al-Wazni ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Engineering - Civil
[email protected]
Saad Al-Wazni was born in Najaf-Iraq 1975, where he finished elementary school and high school. He enrolled in 1993 at College of Engineering-University of Baghdad, then he moved to complete his study in the second year in 1994 at Faculty of Engineering-University of Kufa in Najaf and the graduate in 1997, defended the graduate project in the field of "Analysis and design of prestressed concrete bridge" with grade of very good. After graduating, he enrolled in 1997 at Building and Construction Engineering Department-University of Technology in Baghdad to finish High Diploma in civil engineering and the graduate in 1998, defended the thesis in the civil engineering with grade of excellent. After that, he enrolled in 1998 at Building and Construction Engineering Department-University of Technology to finish Master in Civil engineering and the graduate in 2001, defended the thesis in the field of "Stresses due to triaxle loads in the interior of a concrete pavements slab on Filonenko-Borodich foundation" with grade of excellent. After graduating, he started to teach lectures in Faculty of Engineering and working in the private company in Najaf in which works as a designer of civil structures. In 2002 begins his government job at the Southern Cement State Company in Najaf as designer engineer for steel and concrete structures. In 2006, moved its appointment to the Department of Civil Engineering in Faculty of Engineering in University of Kufa as assistant lecturer. Working in teaching at Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering involves theories and practical subjects in civil engineering. Also, he performed many tasks during teaching in the faculty such as; scientific responsible of several laboratories, member and assistant director of examining committee and scientific responsible of follow up the publishing papers of CE department staff. He was author and co-author of several scientific and professional papers in the field of concrete and steel structures, which were published in magazines, professional journals, international conferences, and symposiums in Iraq and abroad. In addition to teaching-scientific, He engaged in many activities and professional works. As a designer participated in the drafting of several tens of conceptual designs, preliminary project, the main projects and expert opinions for projects such as houses, buildings, highways, public facilities, sport facilities, industrial buildings, industrial facilities, river bridge, all of which carried out in Iraq. In November 2010, he got scholarship and stayed in Belgrade, Serbia to start Serbian language within international program of "World in Serbia". In 2011, He enrolled in the doctoral studies in Structural Engineering Department of Faculty of Civil Engineering at University of Belgrade and the graduate in 2016, defended the thesis in the field of "Damage detection and localization for civil structural health monitoring" with grade of excellent. He could speak three languages, Arabic, English and Serbian. Married and father of four children.