Rawaa Behlul Alfatlawi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of
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Ms. Rawaa Behlul Majhool Al-fatlawi Nascent: 1979 / Najaf /Iraq Scientific Status: Assistant of Lecturer Email: [email protected] [email protected] Education: 1. Bachelor Life Sciences - Faculty of Science, University of Kufa (1995-1999) 2. High Diploma of Genetic engineering and Biotechnology , University of Bagdad (2009-2010). 3. M.Sc. of Medical Microbiology-Clinical Immunology/ Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa (2012-2014) Scientific and practical experience: Appointed to the staffing of the Faculty of Pharmacy / University of Kufa on 6/10/2001 degree - Research Scientist in the Department of Clinical laboratory analysis (formerly pathological analyzes) Aunts in the microbiology laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine two days per week for a period of two years Aunts in Physiology Laboratory of the Faculty of Science two days per week for a period of two years Shouldered the responsibilities of additional scientific and practical as responsible for my assistants and contribute to the organization of the affairs and activities of the scientific and administrative section and edema laboratory and equipment section that I was accepted for graduate studies in 2009 I interact with students in the laboratory and appreciate teamwork.