rana abd-alhassan al-kaitab ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - Geography
[email protected]
Birth: Najaf / 1977. Religion: Muslim. National: Arab. Marital Status: Married Mother of two children. Date of first appointment: 9/5/2004 General Specialization: Geography. Specialization: Population Geography. Academic title: Assistant Lecturer.   scientific certificates: 1 - Bachelor in 1994-1998 (University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts - Department of Geography) 2- Masters in 2000 - 2002 (University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts - Department of Geography)   Teaching and supervision: Population Geography. 2. Geography of Africa and Australia. 3. Practical maps. 4 - Supervision of graduate research for the fourth stage.   Conferences and Seminars: 1- The first national tension for the care of the disabled and people with special needs for the period from 21-22-2008 and got a certificate of thanks and appreciation by Mr. Asaad Sultan Abu Kallal Governor of Najaf 2 - The Second National Scientific Conference for Youth, which was established by Shahid Al-Mihrab Foundation in Najaf on 21 November 2008 and obtained a certificate of participation. 3 - The Conference of the University of Muthanna II "under the slogan of building Iraq cultural and educational project for the period from 30-31 March 2009 has been published research tagged rural-urban migration in the province of Najaf and its effects.   Research: 1 - Research published in the Journal of the Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa entitled "spatial analysis of the population growth in the district of Kufa (1977-1997) and its future prospects until 2017" 2 - Research published in the Faculty of Arts / University of Babylon entitled "Internal migration and its impact on the residential function in the city of Najaf (for the period 1987-1997). 3 - Research published in the magazine (Geographical Research) College of Education for Girls / University of Kufa entitled "The commercial structure of the ancient city of Najaf.   Committees :- 1 - Rapporteur of the Committee for Student Affairs in the Faculty of Arts. 2 - Rapporteur of the Committee of students Almtafin in the Faculty of Arts. 3 - Member of the examination committee in the civil society department.