Rahim Tahir AL-Saedi ( Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Chemistry
[email protected]
PERSONAL DETAILS NAME : Rahim Tahir Mahdi AL-Saedi Title : Professor in Inorganic Chemistry Place and Date of Birth : Najaf ; 1947 Sex : Male Marital Status : Married ADDRESS TO CONTACT Dr . Rahim Tahir Al-Saedi Chemistry Department , college of Education of girls , Kufa University, IRAQ- Najaf PROFESSIONAL: Dean assistant, Dean / College of Science 2004-2007Al-Mustansiriya University, Dean of College of pharmacy(2010-2011) Al- Kufa University. President of Al-Mustansiriya University (2011-2014), Cultural Attache in IRAQI Embassy –Paris FRANCE (2014-2015) EDUCATION 1966-1970 Baghdad University 1977-1981 Aston University, Birmingham , U.K QUALIFICATIONS 1966-1970 B.Sc., Chemistry 1977- 1981 Ph.D., Aston University , Birmingham, U.K * A participation in the second international conference for Chemical and -- Petrochemical Industries, ( by the Arab Federation for Chemical and Petrochemical Industries ) , Amman 27-29/9/2005 . * A participation in the education Qualifying course ,held by University of Baghdad from 2nd to 9th of January 2005 * International Conference Toward Anew Educations System for Rebuilding The Iraqi Socity from Vision to Practice (UNESCO) paris 8-9 December2005 * A participation in a work Shop Title ( writing and Designing Text books) from : 20th Till 24th of August , 2006 Premises : UNESCO Amman office . * A participation in the First Scientific Conference of Pure And Applied Sciences 12-13-March-2008 .University of Kufa * A participation in the second Scientific Conference of Pure And Applied Sciences 12-13-March-2009 .University of Kufa WORK EXPEPERIENCE 1971-1977 Chemistry teacher at a secondary school . 1977-1981 Ph.D. study (U.K). 1982-1990 Lecturer in Department of Chemistry ,College of Science , ALMustansiriya University-Baghdad . 1990-1992 Professor Assistant at the same department . 1992-1995 Professor Assistant ,Department of Chemistry, College of Science Umar Al-Mukhhtar University ,Libya 1995-1998 Professor Assistant ,Department of Chemistry , College of Science, Nasir University.Misurata-Libya 1998-2003 Associate Professor , College of Art and Science ,Derna University , Derna-Libya.(Head of Department). 2003-2005 Professor Assistant,Department of Chemistry ,College of Science ,Al-Mustansiriya University. 2005 - 2009 Professor , In the same University 2009-2010 Professor , In Kufa University (Chemistry) 2010-2011 Dean of College of pharmacy , Al- Kufa University 2011-2014 President of Al-Mustansiriya University 2014-2015 Cultural Attache in IRAQI Embassy –Paris FRANCE. 2015 Professor , In Kufa University (Chemistry) TEACHING EXPERIENCE 1971 -1977 General Chemistry 1982 -2009 Inorganic Chemistry (First year to fourth year students). 1985-2016 Advance Inorganic Chemistry for Postgraduate students, Msc courses and Ph.D) .