Raed Mohammed Kadhim M.Ali ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
[email protected]
Dr. Raed Mohammed Kadhim M.Ali / Lecturer B.Sc. in Medical Technology/Radiology Technology (2001) from College of Health and Medical Technology/Baghdad, Middle Technical University. M.Sc. in Medical Physics from College of Medicine, Branch of Physiology and Medical Physics, University of Al Mustansiriya (2007). Ph.D. in Medical Physics as Applied to Medical Imaging from University of Salford (United Kingdom/Manchester), School of Health Sciences, Department of Medical imaging and Radiography (2017). Training & skills: 1) Well trained in ESWL units operation. 2) Well trained in MRI as an operator. 3) Well trained in CT scan as an operator. 4) Well trained in Medical Radiography. 5) Well trained in radiation dosimetry measurements and calculations. 6) Well trained on mammographic examinations and designing of screening programmes for early detection of breast cancer.