raed dakhil al-khuzaai ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Arts - English Language ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
C.V. 1. General Information: - Name: Raed Dakhil Kareem; Sex: Male; Religion: Muslim; Place & Date of Birth: Hamza, Diwaniya, Iraq. 1976; Nationality: Iraqi. - Email: [email protected]; Mobile: 07801113765 – 07714689886. - Address of Work: Kufa, Najaf, Iraq. - Title: Lecturer. - Degree: PhD; Specialisation: English Language and Linguistics (Rhetoric and Discourse Analysis). 2. Certificates: - B.A. in English Language, College of Education (for Human Sciences – Ibn Rushd), University of Baghdad, 1997, M.A. in English Language and Linguistics (Contrastive Analysis), College of Education for Women,University of Baghdad, 2000, PhD. in English Language and Linguistics (Rhetoric and Discourse Analysis), College of Arts, University of Baghdad, 2016. 3. Academic Experience: - Teaching several linguistic courses in the Universities of Misurata, Al-Mergeb (Libya), Baghdad, Al-Mustansiriya, Kufa (Iraq), Supervising many undergraduate research projects in these universities, and Evaluating many theses and dissertations written in English by non-departmental postgraduate candidates. 3. Published Research Papers:Ten nationally and internationally published papers.