raed Jawad Al-Janahi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of
[email protected]
olds a master’s degree in economic sciences, and I have a published research on employment policy and its reflection on the labor market. Research titled Unemployment in Iraq Problems and Remedies and Research and a research titled Study in the Consumer Protection Law No. 1 of 2010 and research titled Small Enterprises and their Role in tackling unemployment and research titled Expatriate Labor in Iraq and its economic, social and security repercussions, and teaching in the tourism department for the third stage in the crisis management course, and the fourth stage in the information technology subject and studying for the fourth stage in the article of scientific research methods morning study and the macroeconomic course for a stage The second evening and the subject of statistics, the first stage of the evening, as well as the fourth stage with the course of scientific research methods, the first stage in the morning of rights and democracy, the first stage of the evening of statistics and the second stage of the macroeconomic evening.