Raed Abdul Hassan Albanon ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Education - English Language
[email protected]
Raed Albanon University of Kufa, Faculty of Education Email: [email protected] 1- Personal Information -Full name: Raed Abdul Hassan Abbood Albanon. - Name on English Docs: Raed A. Albanon -. POB: Basrah, Iraq DOB: Oct., 4th, 1982- -Permanent Residence: , Najaf, Iraq. -Email Address: [email protected] 2-Education: - Diploma Held: MA English Linguistics, University of Memphis, TN, USA- 2013- GPA (3.8/4) through the Fulbright Scholarship (2012-2014). Bachelor of Arts, English Language and Linguistics. College of Arts, University of Kufa, Iraq. 2005- 3-Experience: - Teaching: English for junior and senior year at the Faculty of Education, English Department (Aug, 2017- present) - English for freshmen class at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Kufa, Department of Lab. Investigations, Department of Ecology, Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, and Department of Geology- (2008- Aug, 2017). - University of Imam al-Sadiq- Department of English for two years. - Academus Institute for Languages, TOEFL& IELTS preparation and English speaking ESL. - Translation: I attended English Club at University of Kufa in Iraq and Video Conference at University of Kufa as a translator for native speakers of English and to U.S Universities online. I translated for the audience. I also translate documents of different subjects such as legal, literary, scientific and academic documents. Also, I linguistically evaluate, revise and edit theses of graduate students. -I supervise the English graduation transcripts issued from the University of Kufa/Faculty of Sciences. 4-Position: Director of IT Section at the Faculty of Sciences from (May, 2014-Aug, 2017) 5-English Efficiency Certificates: - PBT TOEFL (institutional), 5/9/2009 - PBT TOEFL (official), Oct. 2010. At amideast in Baghdad - PBT TOEFL (official),, Oct. 2011. At amideast in Baghdad -GRE GENEAL, on Oct. 2009. -GRE GENEAL, on Oct. 2010. -GRE GENEAL, on Oct. 2011. 6- Computer Skills: - ICDL: Score: (76), International Computer Driving License. A course was made at University of Kufa, on Jan., 1st, 2011. - IC3: Score (71), 2010. Skills in computers and communication comes from working as the director of IT Section at the Faculty of Science, University of Kufa. 7-Honors: -A top student at the Department of English, College of Arts at the University of Kufa, as mentioned in the graduation transcript.. -Fulbright scholarship holder for 2012-2014 8- Research: Code-switching among Turkish to Arabic speakers in English Conversations (Accepted for publishing). On Language Policy: Kurdish in Pre-war and Post-war Iraq (in the process of publishing) Gender and Tag -questions in the Iraqi Dialect - published on Common Errors in Biology Research Writing by Arabic Authors in process (not published) 9- Research Interests: Translation, sociolinguistics, Gender and Language, Language and Identity, Language and Culture, American English. 10- Training courses and workshops held English for one semester at the Iraqi Women Foundation to prepare students for TOEFL. (May - Aug, 2011) Iraqi Association for Translators, a teacher at the training course for translators hosted by the association from Aug, 12-30, 2017. Training course in English at the Faculty of Sciences/ University of Kufa (2016) 11- Training courses, workshops, and seminars attended Methods of teaching for one month on March, 2014 at the University of Kufa. 12. Revision and translation A linguistic expert for theses and research papers at the University of Kufa for about eight years. During that period, I revised and translated hundreds of theses and research papers at the University of Kufa. 13. Memberships: Iraqi Translators Association (ITA) Badge no. 4063.