Qasim Mohmmed Alkhaqani ( Professor )
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science - Physical Education ( Dean )
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Biography Professor Dr. Qasim Mohammed Hassan Khaqani Nascent: 1959 Marital status: Married He holds a master's degree and doctorate from the University of Baghdad, Iraq The jurisdiction of the philosophy of Physical Education (Square, Square, Bio Mechanical) Research Scientist in the jurisdiction Albayumkanak sports and kinetic analysis For all private sports events events Games arena and field member Scientific Committee in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education And Sport Sciences / University of Kufa, since 2009 and until 2014. Member of the Scientific Committee of the specialized schools in the Ministry of Youth and Sports 2012-2013 Project manager for the Olympic champion in the province of Najaf in 2011 and so far. Research published including: - The effect of exercise muscle power in legs, according to some temporal characteristics in completing the high jump for young people. - Some of the variables Elkinametekih arc rush and its relationship with the motor transport to the stage of advancement and achievement in the high jump. - The impact of training on the development of rapid force to accelerate the phase in completing ran 100 m for beginners. - The effect of using some of the methods of learning in the level of achievement of the high jump. - Certain physical specifications and their relationship to the completion of higher Fiqz. - The effect of force on the achievement of the medium racers Alarcad (800 m - 1500 m). - Use training curriculum proposal for the development of Almtaulh own and its impact on some functional variables for middle-distance running. - Train speed according to the ability, depending on the job breaks to improve bioenergy and its impacts on the kinetic energy and the completion of 100 m ran. - Comparison between the world champions and Asia and Arabs in the triple jump study. - Rapid strength and its impact on the level of achievement of 800 m run it for the students