Ola Mohammed Al-Jubouri ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Dentistry - General Dentistry
[email protected]
07818693054- 0771118
Bachelor of Medical Technology / Dental Technology Department / College of Health and Medical Technology - Baghdad / 2002 in a series of 4 of 51 students. I holds a technical master's degree in prosthetic dental technology/ prosthetic dentistry technical department / College of Health and Medical Technology- Baghdad / 2006. PhD in Dental Technology / Faculty of Dentistry - Tehran University of Medical Sciences - Tehran - Iran 17/1/2016, Under the equation in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq. Previously I taught the fixed prosthodontics for the second and fourth stages (theoretical and practical) in the College of Health and Medical Technologies for 10 years. Currently, I am studying prosthodontics and dental material for the second stage (theoretical and practical) at the College of Dentistry, University of Kufa