adi jawad alhajar ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Basic Education - Qor’an ( Assistant Dean )
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Dr. Uday Jawad Ali Ahadjar- Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies - Faculty of Education, University of Kufa Alosasah- PhD in Sharia and Islamic Studies from the University of Kufa scientific certificates He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Baghdad College of Sharia and Islamic Studies. He holds a master's degree from the University of Kufa School of jurisprudence. He holds a doctorate from the University of Kufa College jurisprudence. Scientific Activities - Head of the Koran and Islamic Education Sheikh Kulayni participant in the conference, held in the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2009. Participant in conferences Martyr Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr, which was held in collaboration between the National Research Forum for Thought and Culture and the Faculty of Theology for the years 2007 and 2008 in Najaf - Participant in the conference Martyr Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr held in collaboration between the National Research Forum for Thought and Culture and the University of Maysan, 2009 in Maysan University. - Associate of the College of Basic Education First Scientific Conference 2010 Associate of Nahj Conference held at the College of Basic Education in 2011. - Associate of body integrity conference held in Baghdad in 2009 - Associate of Kazimain Conference in kindergarten Kadhimiya in 2011 - Associate of the Koran and the issues of the day-of Basic Education 2011 Conference - Participant in the conference Ashura Hussein (AS) held by Karbala University-Faculty of Islamic Sciences in cooperation with the Holy Shrine Husseiniya in 2011. - Associate of Fatima Zahra Islamic Unity Conference title in 2012 - Associate of the Quranic heritage conference in the capital of Kufa College Fiqh -2012   Scientific research Semantic problematic positioning and dynamic understanding of the interpretation of the Quranic text. Idiosyncratic adaptation of the concept of the state at the thought of Martyr Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr. Interpretative effect in Mruyat Sheikh Kulayni (Book of Zakat model) - Methods of teaching Arabic language between tradition and innovation - Explanatory signs in evidence Rhetoric Quranic approach -aloda Interpretative when Imam Kadhim. - Incorporation of the Quranic text harbingers when Mawardi. - The religious impact of the holy city of Najaf in high society - Translation of the Quranic text, problematic and solutions - Correctional dimensions in the revolution of Imam Hussein (AS) ideological dimension model - Signs warning in a speech Fatima Zahra (AS)   - Social Activities Founding member of the National Forum for Research on thought and culture. Recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education Founding member of the medical healing Cooperative Society charity in Najaf.batrav the Ministry of Health - A member of the Iraqi teachers union.